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Birmingham Employment Discrimination Lawyers

Federal law (particularly in the form of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) and a few other statutes make it clear that an employer cannot discriminate against an employee because of the employee’s membership in a protected class. In some cases, employers can be held accountable for discriminatory failure to hire or promote; for creating or tolerating discriminatory company policies or hostile work environments; for discriminatory termination; or for other illegal actions.

If you believe you or a loved one has experienced workplace discrimination, you may be angry, understandably, about the hardships and lost opportunities suffered by your family. With the help of an employment lawyer, you may be able to seek recourse and justice in dealing with an employer or former employer.

Representing Employees In Discrimination Claims

Attorney Brian O. Noble at Capstone Law, LLC, represents employees in civil lawsuits known as discrimination claims. Brian can advise and represent you if an Alabama employer treated you unfairly because of:

  • Your race, which is protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act along with recent Alabama legislation related to Equal Pay
  • Your age, which is a protected status according to federal and state age discrimination acts such as the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and the Alabama Age Discrimination in Employment Act (AADEA)
  • Your gender or sex – which can also involve pregnancy, sexual harassment, and sexual orientation – based on Title VII, the Equal Pay Act, and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • Your color, an attribute that can refer to your skin pigmentation and that can be incorrectly associated with race
  • Your national origin
  • Your religion
  • A disability, such as a physiological impairment or incapacity, that is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or Alabama discrimination laws

Because some forms of discrimination are unethical but not necessarily illegal, it is important to seek advice from an employment law attorney if you are concerned about your rights.

Contact A Birmingham Employment Discrimination Attorney

Do you believe you were discriminated against by your employer? Contact us to speak with an experienced Birmingham employer discrimination attorney. There is no fee for an initial consultation.

As attorneys who concentrate on employment matters, we represent employees in cases involving discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, employment contracts, wage and hour violations, and other important matters. If your employer violated your rights, we can answer your questions about what options you have.

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