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Strong Advocacy For Alabama’s Railroad Workers

Railways are critical to Alabama’s economy. Railroad workers form the backbone of this industry, yet employers often disrespect their rights and fail to compensate them fairly if they suffer an injury. Although the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) is meant to protect your rights as a railroad worker, you may need strong lawyers to make your employer take your rights seriously.

You have found an ally in Capstone Law, LLC. Our employment law attorney has more than a decade of experience helping railroad workers of all types. We can explain your options, help you understand the law and guide you toward the results that you need.

What To Know About FELA

In 1908, lawmakers passed the Federal Employers’ Liability Act to make it easier for workers to hold railroad companies accountable for workplace injuries. Employees can file a FELA claim as opposed to a workers’ compensation claim to recover additional compensation since the damages from a railroad injury can be incredibly severe. In addition, a FELA claim can supply more compensation than a workers’ comp claim, since you can claim pain and suffering as one of your damages.

The Experience, Knowledge And Skill To Help You

Because FELA is a niche area of law, few law firms practice it. At Capstone Law, LLC, though, we have extensive experience handling these cases and several other areas of employment law. With in-depth knowledge of the many details and procedures involved in a FELA claim, we can handle the legal side of the process and work to remedy any retaliation while you focus on your physical recovery. Our case results are full of positive outcomes we have achieved for our clients.

Free Consultations – Reach Out To Get Our Help

We are the legal team you need to help you when you need compensation following a railroad accident. At our Birmingham office, we provide completely complimentary consultations. Schedule yours today by calling 205-578-1210 or using our online contact form.

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