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Although race-based discrimination is against the law, far too many employers allow it to occur or even encourage it. You do not deserve to suffer this indignity. If you have suffered from racial discrimination at your workplace, it is time to reach out to employment law attorneys who can help you.

Our attorneys at Capstone Law, LLC, fight for employees throughout Alabama. With more than 25 years of combined experience in employment law and immigration law, we have developed the skill necessary to take on discrimination, hold the perpetrators accountable and recover compensation for your damages.

Do I Have A Race Discrimination Lawsuit?

Unlawful discrimination can take many forms in the workplace.  A successful lawsuit against an employer for racial discrimination often requires an adverse employment action.  That is, someone acting for the company must have made a decision that negatively impacted the terms and conditions of the employee’s work situation.  Examples of adverse actions might include, among many other things, the following:

  • Termination;
  • Demotion;
  • Suspension;
  • Refusal to Promote or Hire;
  • Transfers to less prestigious or desirable work or work locations; or
  • Any other employment action that both significantly and negatively impacts the terms of employment.

If an employer has taken any of these, or similarly unfavorable, actions against you because of your race, then you likely have an employment discrimination lawsuit.  In fact, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 forbids many employers from allowing race to play even just one “motivating factor” in employment decisions.

You have every right to stand up for yourself if you believe this is the case at your job.  An employer who retaliates against someone for asserting the right to be free from race discrimination may be liable for a separate, race-based retaliation claim. Retaliation is illegal.

Alabama workers who hear and/or see racially discriminatory acts on a daily basis but have not been fired, demoted, or subjected to some other adverse employment action may still have a race discrimination case.  This kind of situation may constitute an actionable, race-based hostile work environment or “harassment” lawsuit.  The harassment must be sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the terms and conditions of employment and create a discriminatorily abusive work environment.  Although figuring out whether this requirement is satisfied can be tricky, common examples might include:

  • Racially derogatory language in the workplace;
  • Negative comments by managers about racial groups;
  • Racist media allowed in the workplace;
  • Use of historically hateful, racist totems like white sheets or nooses;
  • Race-based cyber-attacks like racist social media messaging or sharing; or
  • Any other racist conduct related to work that a court would consider severe or pervasive.

If you have been exposed to a racially hostile work environment, it is important to notify your employer and give the company a chance to correct the situation immediately. Consulting a lawyer before you engage in this delicate process can make a huge difference.  Many people wait too late to make the call because they do not think they have the correct evidence.  But your honest testimony under oath is evidence! Make the call early and let a race discrimination lawyer help you decide how to move forward.

Whether illegal racism at work arises from an employment action or a hostile work environment, you will probably need to involve the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Navigating the EEOC process can be confusing.  And you can ruin a strong lawsuit by mishandling an EEOC complaint.

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If you are the victim of race discrimination, there is no need to go it alone. Ask for help. Our attorneys at Capstone Law, LLC, can work with the EEOC and against your employer if necessary. Contact us. Initial consultations are free.

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