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Refused workplace accommodations for a disability? That might be discrimination

Many individuals have illnesses, injuries or other medical conditions limiting their ability to perform tasks similar to their colleagues. These situations may leave a worker unable to land employment as others do or meet the demands of their job in the same way others do.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been key in helping level the playing field for workers with various disabling conditions by requiring employers to make reasonable accommodations.

There are only limited instances in which your employer can decline to make disability accommodations so that you can do your job. Refusal may rise to the level of disability discrimination.

Which employers must offer reasonable accommodations?

Any company with more than 15 employees must abide by ADA rules. To obtain ADA protection, prospective and current employees must first notify their employer of their request for accommodations. They must then give their employer ample time to respond to such requests.

What are some examples of reasonable accommodations?

No two medical conditions or people are the same, so you’re the ultimate guide to the accommodations you may need. Some common reasonable accommodation requests involve the introduction of assistive technology, making bathrooms more accessible, and installing wheelchair ramps.

When can employers refuse to extend you reasonable accommodations?

A company can refuse a worker’s accommodation request only if they can demonstrate that it causes some undue hardship to offer it, rather than mere inconvenience.

Know that you have rights if your employer denies you reasonable accommodations for your disability without just cause. An attorney can help you learn more about your options and guide you through the next steps you should take.

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