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Ways that America benefits from immigrants

Opinions and laws regarding immigrants have drastically changed with the last two presidential administrations. What hasn’t changed, is the undeniable contributions that immigrants have made to the United States.

America has seen a significant increase in immigration as current policies have relaxed. Now is a good time to evaluate the role that immigrants play in our society and economy.

Beneficial contributions made by immigrants

Phrases like “melting pot” have become common vernacular. We truly are a country of immigrants. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, there are numerous ways that America has positively benefited from immigrants. Here are a few:

  • Representation: In some industries, immigrants represent as much as 33% of workers.
  • Upward mobility: Immigrants and their children are ambitious and eager to improve their quality of living.
  • Filling the gaps: Immigrants often fill in gaps in the economy by taking essential jobs that native-born Americans are not likely to accept.
  • Diversity: The U.S. has greatly benefited from cultural diversity, art, food, etc.
  • Military service: A large number of immigrants join the U.S. military branches to serve as a path to citizenship.

The traditional motto of the United States is the Latin phrase, “E Pluribus Unum,” meaning “one out of many.” We are a diverse country made of many races, creeds, and national origins. Immigrants play a pivotal role in unifying us as a country.

The debate over immigration will surely continue for the unforeseeable future. The impact of immigration is undeniable. People that choose to come to the United States, make a unique contribution to our culture, economy, and security. Therefore, immigrants need to know their legal rights and options under current immigration law.

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