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Why might U.S. immigration officials deny your visa request?

Whether you’re you’d like to come to the U.S. to study, as a tourist, join family members or work, you must have a visa to do so. While it may seem like nothing more than a formality to apply for a visa and that the issuance of this travel document is guaranteed, it’s not.

Immigration officials require you to fill out an application, and they may perform a background check on you before deciding whether to issue you a visa. Your background isn’t the only factor that may result in a denial of a visa.. You’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with the most common reasons for visa denials before applying for this travel document yourself.

Reasons for disqualification

Immigration officials may disqualify you from being a visa recipient for the following reasons:

  • Having entered the country illegally before
  • Previously staying in the country past your visa’s expiration date
  • Not providing the right documentation when applying for your visa
  • Applying for the incorrect visa for your visit
  • Not meeting the self-sustaining requirements
  • Providing false information on your visa application

A previous criminal conviction on your record for crimes of moral turpitude, such as fraud or violent offenses, may also disqualify you from receiving a visa. Immigration officials will likely weigh the gravity of the offense as well as how recent it was when rendering any visa award decisions.

Immigration officials generally don’t flat out deny applications without giving you a valid reason for having done so. In many cases, they’ll give you time to correct the situation and resubmit your application.

How to enhance your chances of securing a visa

Applying for a visa may seem like a straightforward process. You may delay or lose your opportunity to come here to the U.S. if you don’t fill it out and provide supporting evidence, though. You will want to carefully review each visa’s requirements and create a checklist to ensure that you’ve included all supporting information requested to give yourself the best chance of securing a visa in your situation.

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